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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mad Men Reading Challenge from Coffee and a Book Chick

I tried to watch Mad Men when it first started and I couldn't get into it.  Not my thing.  However, I can't say no to a reading challenge, so when my friend Natalie from Coffee and a Book Chick said she was doing a challenge with the books that were seen in the series, I said sure why not?  I tried this with LOST and had some success.    So here are the details from Natalie's blog:

The Mad Men Reading Challenge details:
  1. ENJOY.
  2. Sign up below. If you write an announcement post, link it up.
  3. Pick books from the NYPL list here and here and here.
  4. Read the book or listen to the audiobook.
  5. Write a review.
  6. Add the graphic from this post to your write-up.
  7. Every time you review a book from the list, add it to the Linky on the designated site:
  8. If you select books that weren't read on the Mad Men show, but were published (or were popular) during 1960 - 1968, just make a note of it in your post.
  9. Feel free to post about a movie or television show from that time period - the intent of this challenge is to celebrate the time and to say good-by to Mad Men.
  10. ENJOY!
As you can see the challenge is very wide open: either books seen on the show or books published during the time period of the show.  Easy peasy, right?

Come and join us!  It should be fun :)

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  1. I would assume that Ripley would be good for this challenge? (I've not seen any of the show) but Highsmith's books are late 50s so maybe not?

    1. Already read Ripley and a damn fine read it was! I have another of hers though, good idea care. thanks!