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Monday, April 6, 2015

Inspiration Monday: Zucchini Noodles

Welcome to my inaugural post for Inspiration Mondays created by Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Bit of Insanity.  Basically it's a reworking of her Pin-It and do It challenge without the Pinterest angle.  Every first and third Monday you post about something you created or did, like try a new recipe, a new workout, arts and crafts, anything that inspires you and that may inspire others.
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For this post I will tell you about my experiment with zucchini noodles.  Yes, these seem to be all the rage, healthier than pasta, and healthier for you.  I will try anything so, I bought 2 zucchinis and julienne peeler and off I went. There is a spiralizer device you can purchase for $30-40, but I figured i would see if I like these noodles first.

First you run the julienne peeler down the zucchini on each side until you hit the seed core.  Place your noodles into a colander and salt them to sweat the water out, otherwise your dish will be watery. I did the colander thing, and then put them on paper towels in a 200 degree oven to really sweat the crap out of them. Afterwards, I squeezed the last remaining drops if water, which was a lot, and decided to cook them.

I thought something tasty for my first time would be a good idea, so I made a garlic and olive oil saute, threw the noodles in a sauteed for a bit.  I adore garlic and olive oil with pasta.  Just in case, I also threw in a splash of tomato sauce.

Well, this is how they turned out:

They look watery but they were not.  The texture was ok, but the taste.....not my thing.  Not my vegetarian friend's thing either.  I rather have my zucchini fried with horseradish sauce on the side.  But hey at least I tried it.  I may try other noodle type things with my peeler, but I'm glad I didn't run out and buy that device.

Have you tried zucchini noodles before?  How did they turn out?  Did you like them?  Have a no fail recipe for me?

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  1. Sweat the crap out of them. Bahahaha! I just recently tried spaghetti squash as part of the sugar reset (pretty sure we talked about this on twitter), and it was good but maybe I needed to sweat the crap out of them more. But with some meat sauce (homemade), I didn't miss the pasta at all. I just had to get over the crunching in my mouth. LOL! Wish I had some tips for you! I'm always dubious when my GF friends rave about zucchini noodles!

    1. we did tweet about your delicious looking noodles. Yours didn't look watery in the picture. I've tried them, and I think I'm done now. Maybe again in the future if I'm feeling frisky :)

    2. I'm always on the look out for ways to make everyday dishes healthier, but I haven't tried this one. For me, pasta is all about the texture and I can't imagine zucchini having a similar texture.

      Thanks for the "how to" info. If I get brave enough to give it a try, I'll report back.

  2. I've made zucchini noodles too. Mostly to avoid the carbs of pasta. But I usually just blanch them and eat them almost raw. I prefer the firmer texture.

    1. Texture wasn't the problem, it was the taste. I'm not a big veggie person, but I try my best. Maybe in a casserole with some low fate cheese...that might work!
      Thanks for the tip though Linda. I appreciate it :)

  3. I like veggies, but I haven't tried this before. Maybe my kids will eat them since zoodles sounds cool?

  4. I hear ya. Kuddos on trying something new!

    I use the veggetti to cut mine. It comes out firm and dry. Then I give the skin to my hubs. The inner part definitely has a milder flavor.